TRIUMF Tier-1 Recipes
Topic: Hardware
Hardware documentation for servers and chassis are filed here.

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Sep 22 2015Dec 22 2015254DDN SFA Service call 
Dec 22 2015Dec 22 2015263DDN SFA12K-20E enclosure disk replacement procedur ... 
Sep 22 2015Sep 22 2015257Dell Service call 
Aug 03 2016Aug 03 2016282How to collect support data for storage machines 
Sep 22 2015Dec 12 2017253IBM/Lenovo Service call 
Sep 22 2015Sep 06 2017255Latham 
Sep 22 2015Sep 06 2017256Liebert/Vertiv - UPS Service call 
Dec 12 2017Dec 12 2017307Rooftop AC unit AC9 contact person 
Aug 16 2012Oct 25 2013178Running DSA tool on ibm servers 
Feb 13 2014Feb 13 2014211Running the explorer tool on Solaris servers 
Dec 08 2009Dec 12 201799Service Contacts 

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