TRIUMF Tier-1 Recipes
Topic: IBM-Lenovo
IBM hardware lights-out interfaces are described here.

CreatedLast Modified#Subject   
Oct 20 2017Oct 20 2017304Getting a console via ssh to an RSA interface 
May 10 2017Jun 26 2017299Getting a console via ssh to IBM chassis 
Apr 11 2017Sep 04 2020296Getting a console via ssh to IMM2 interface 
Dec 16 2013Dec 16 2013202IBM IMM SNMP trap configuration 
Apr 29 2019Apr 29 2019329In-band resetting of the XClarity controller 
Feb 09 2018Feb 09 2018310Lenovo SR630 BIOS Setup 
Feb 09 2018Feb 09 2018309Lenovo XClarity Setup 
Jun 22 2017Jun 22 2017302Power on/off an IBM blade via the CLI 
Mar 10 2017Mar 10 2017294Reboot IMM interface from ASU 
Oct 26 2016Oct 26 2016287Reboot RSA interface from ASU 
Mar 24 2011Oct 25 2013155Requesting a signed cert. for IBM remote interface ... 
Jan 26 2010Feb 19 2015100Resetting RSA/IMM interfaces on IBM server nodes 

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